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Overhaul Service Package


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Product Description

Imagine the joy of smooth rides and a bike that lasts longer. You’re not only after the looks, but also the speed and safety on the roads. With our Full Tune-Up Package, you can keep your precious bike in its prime condition! This awesome package includes all the essentials:

Service Includes:

  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Lubricate chain
  • Inspect and inflate tires
  • Safety check of nuts, bolts and binders
  • Adjust front and rear hubs, headset and bottom bracket
  • Front and rear wheel truing
  • Frame and fork general cleaning
  • Drive train disassembled and deep cleaned and re-lubricated
  • Frame and fork, detailed and polished
  • Hubs and headset disassembled, cleaned and repacked**
  • Bottom bracket cleaned & greased as needed
  • Labor for replacing cables and housing included

*Tune-Up packages above do not include the cost of any replaced parts.
*Additional labor charges for replaced parts may apply.
**The cost of new bearings, cables and housing is not included with the overhaul service package and will be charged upon service

Bike Type

Hybrid and Road, Hardtail MTB, Full Suspension MTB