How To Choose Your Terra Trike

Step One – Choose Frame Platform

The first step is deciding which frame design best suits your riding needs. Each of our frames has its own handling, comfort, and cost benefits. As you explore the merits of each model, it should become clear which one best suits your riding style and budget. Your frame, seat, and type of steering will not change after this step.

Step Two – Choose Component Group

This is a lot like choosing the trim level of a new car. Each group will offer different levels of drivetrain, braking, and wheel performance. This step will have the biggest effect on the ride-ability of your Terra Trike. When choosing, you’ll want to consider performance, durability, weight, cost, and where and how you plan on riding.

Step Three – Choose Options

Options are components that can enhance your riding experience. They consist of upgrade to the frame, seat, drivetrain, breaking, and wheels. These options can improve the comfort and performance of your Terra Trike. You can really customize your ride to better fit your needs.

Step Four – Choose Accessories

Now that you’ve nailed down your perfect Terra Trike, it’s time to accessorize! This is where you get to add all the fun and functional parts and pieces that make your ride stand out. This includes everything from fenders and flags to taillights and tools. We offer just about everything you can imagine to personalize your Terra Trike.

Interested in a Terra Trike? Contact Myrtle Beach Bicycles at (843)215–RIDE(7433) Today for more details and information!

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